As you will be aware Norris Jones Development Ltd is proposing to build 109 new houses on land adjacent to Hillock Lane in the villages of Gresford and Marford, near Wrexham.  They have now submitted a formal application for planning permission to Wrexham Council.

The proposals, that the developers have submitted, make it clear that 109 houses would only be an initial stage in the development.  The proposals suggest that the site could eventually support over 500 houses.  The Welsh Government Department for Environment has written to Wrexham CBC expressing concern about the potential size of this development.

The Hillock Lane Action Group has been set up to fight this development.   A large number of local people have shown overwhelming support for this group.  Over 700 objections to this development have been already been submitted to the Wrexham Council Planning website.  We believe that this is the highest recorded number of objections that has ever been submitted against any planning application to Wrexham Council.

So far no date has been set by Wrexham Council for this application to be considered by the Planning Committee.  No permission has been granted for any development of houses on this site.

The developers are continuing to make their case for planning permission for this development to be granted.  Recently, archaeological surveyors, workmen and a large digger have been busy on the land.  We believe that this work is part of the process that developers use to attempt to gain evidence that the site is suitable for development.

The initial deadline for submitting objections to this development was 25th August 2020. However, we have been informed that in the same way that the developers can continue to submit evidence in support of the application, Wrexham Council will still accept objections to the development. Requesting information under Freedom of Information, such as correspondence between planners and Consultants?

We would encourage as many people as possible to have their say, object and request information to this development.  Comments can still be submitted to Wrexham CBC about this planning application.

They should be sent for the attention of Matthew Phillips, Case Officer

(Application Reference Number P/2020/0354) at the following email address: (planning_comments…)

The Hillock Lane Action Group has set up a website to provide information and co-ordinate action.

The website can be found at:

The website is currently being updated with information and will include regular newsletters.


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