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Your village is now being targeted for enhanced developing of 109 plus new homes. No one doubts the need for housing, but we just cannot cope with anymore.

This overloading, ruining of our local facilities and infrastructure for Gresford and Marford will lead to undue stress for residents on both sides of the Chester Road.

Please note this will be a lead into a further inappropriate land development AND an opportunity to join Vicarage Lane to Hillock Lane – 600 possible houses.

Land proposal is Green Wedge and most valuable agricultural land outside the settlement limit of the Local Development Plan.

At the moment the public consultation has been an opportunistic endeavour to push through proposals while not considering the rest of the community is in Self Isolation with limited communication routes, by the consultants ‘ICENI’ on behalf of the developer Norris Homes.

A Planning application will follow we are sure, and as usual this will be supported by WCBC Planning Officers. As a village we need to gear up and resist.

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